52-Year-old man accused of stabbing girlfriend 16 times

MILWAUKEE --  52-year-old Moreal Wilson is charged with First Degree Intentional Homicide after allegedly stabbing his girlfriend 60-year-old Barbara Killebrew 16 times on June 24.

According to the criminal complaint, Killebrew and Wilson began arguing at Killebrew's home near 24th and Melvina. Neighbors say they heard the couple arguing loudly. Wilson told police Killebrew accused him a cheating on her. 

In the criminal complaint Wilson admits he \"tussled\" with his girlfriend, Ms. Killebrew, before forcing her onto a bed. Wilson told investigators he straddled her before stabbing her three or four times. The Milwaukee County Medical Examiner's Officer determined Killebrew had actually been stabbed a total of 16 times.

After being stabbed so many times, Killebrew was able to run out of her upper flat. Her neighbor says she found Killebrew at her door covered in blood. She helped Killebrew into her bathroom and called 911. The neighbor says Wilson tried kick her door down, but stopped and left when she yelled \"You better not come in!\" 

Police found Wilson's bloody shirt and knife in an alley a few blocks away from where Wilson allegedly stabbed Killebrew.

If convicted, Wilson could serve life in prison.

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