52 year-old Illinois Man arrested for arranging to meet a 15 year-old

A 52 year-old man was arrested by Racine County Sheriff’s Office for engaging in sexually explicit conversations with someone he believed to be a 15 year-old girl, on October 22.

Through the course of the operation, the suspect identified as Joseph F. Verna made arrangements to meet with the juvenile in order to engage in sexual activity.

Verna, a resident of Plainfield, Illinois traveled to a pre-designated location where he believed he was meeting the juvenile, and was subsequently taken into custody by Sheriff’s Investigators.

"I'm very proud of the commitment and hard work my investigative team brings to these very intense and challenging cases.  They are truly making an impact towards the safety of our children here in Racine County.  I'm deeply committed to providing the necessary investigative resources to hunt down these sexual predators that prey upon our children," said Sheriff Schmaling.

Verna was taken to the Racine County Jail without additional incident and is being held on numerous felony charges.

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