4,200 parking citations issued during Milwaukee's first snow operation of 2019

NOW: 4,200 parking citations issued during Milwaukee’s first snow operation of 2019

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Thousands of people received tickets from the City of Milwaukee for not following snow parking rules following the weekend snowstorm. 

For the first time, those rules include not parking too close to streetcar tracks or risk getting towed. 

Monday morning was rough for several people who parked on Milwaukee during the weekend's snow operation. According to the City of Milwaukee, 1,900 citations were issued overnight Saturday into Sunday. From Sunday night into Monday morning, an additional 2,300 citations were issued. 

"I was just trying to get to work and waking up without your truck and realizing that on the side you're parked that the plow truck was going to come in," said Eli Torres, whose car was towed. 

Some know they broke the rules, but say they had little choice. 

"With as much snow as there is, the alternate parking, it just doesn't work. There absolutely isn't enough area for it," said Casey Hudson whose car was towed during Milwaukee's snow operation. 

Some, like Elizabeth Callahan thought they had done everything right. 

"I abided by all the regulations. I double checked the signage, i even went online and everything looked clear," Callahan said. 

But Callahan says she did park on a streetcar route. 

Milwaukee Public Works wants to emphasize this is the first year they are looking for cars blocking that route. 

"You should be parking flush to the curb. As close to the curb as possible. If your vehicle that you parked is actually going into the travel lane, that's an obvious safety issue. Whether it be a first responder going through that route or in the case of the streetcar, that's actually where their track is," says Brian DeNeve with the City of Milwaukee. 

DPW says their first snow operation of the year was a success and 80 pieces of equipment are currently out clearing ice. 

They urge everyone to follow alternate side parking when it snows again. 

"It will help us both out. You won't receive a citation and our plows will be able to address the streets accordingly," DeNeve said.

Due to Martin Luther King Day, overnight parking rules will not be enforced Monday night. They will be back in effect Tuesday night when more snow is expected. 

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