15 injured after horse carriage and cars collide in Oconomowoc

NOW: 15 injured after horse carriage and cars collide in Oconomowoc

OCONOMOWOC, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Saturday morning around 11:10 emergency officials in Oconomowoc responded to an accident involving a horse drawn carriage and multiple cars near the intersection of Main Street and Wisconsin Avenue.

The horse carriage with eight people in the back collided with two cars at the intersection. When emergency officials arrived, the two horses and carriage were still on top of one of the vehicles. One horse was on the hood of a car. Witnesses said the horses panicked after the carriage swerved. Witnesses also said the carriage broke. Owner of Lakerz Lynn Reed was at the chaotic scene.  

"The front part of the horse was on the hood of the car. It was bucking constantly at the beginning," Reed said. "Before police got there it was out of control." 

A total of 15 people were treated for injuries including the eight carriage passengers, one of the horse handlers and three people in each of the cars. No serious injuries occurred to either humans or the horses. Western Lakes Fire District said the two horses were cut and taken to get veterinary care. 

Reed said the horse was panicked because the reins were wrapped around its legs preventing the animal from getting up. The reins were cut off. 

"They were trying to cut the reins off," Reed said. "After they cut it off, the horse calmed down quite a bit." 

The horse carriage ride was part of a free holiday event called Holiday at the Avenue Square. The free event offers carriage rides through Oconomowoc's downtown area. A coordinator for the event said it's too early to tell if they'll continue the horse carriage rides. 

Reed said the carriage rides are a tradition in the area. She hopes it continues. 

"It was a freak accident," Reed said. "I hope it doesn't stop."

The incident is under investigation.

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