10-Year-old girl shot at playground still on life support

MILWAUKEE -- Both men facing charges for the playground shooting that injured 10-year-old Sierra Guyton appeared for their preliminary hearings. An update on Guyton's condition has also been released.

Guyton is still in the hospital critically injured. She remains on life support, and is believed to be able to survive from her injury. We're told the 10-year-old will require full time car for the rest of her life.

28-year-old Jamey Jackson and 18-year-old Slyvestor Lewis appeared together in court. The last time Lewis was in court he had an outburst, and had to be restrained by multiple sheriff deputies.

According to court documents, Lewis was confronted by Jackson's friend just outside Clarke St. Elementary School at N. 28th and Clarke St. Jackson's friend accused Lewis of stealing his \"baby's momma's kid's\" clothes. Lewis told police Jackson began backing away from the group, and was \"upping\" a gun.

Lewis told police he got off his bike, and walked to the street. He alleges Jackson was pointing a gun at him and threatened to kill him. Lewis says after Jackson opened fire on him, he fired his gun until it was empty. One of Lewis' bullets hit 10-year-old Sierra Guyton who was on the school's playground.

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