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Ordinance to ban conversion therapy moves forward to Common Council

NOW: Ordinance to ban conversion therapy moves forward to Common Council


MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- An ordinance that would ban conversion therapy in Milwaukee is headed to the Common Council for a vote.

The ordinance passed at the Public Safety and Health Committee meeting on Thursday.

Supporters of the ban say ending conversion therapy in Milwaukee will help protect many in the city's LGBT community. 

"I think the ordinance is very important both symbolically and practically," said Shelley Gregory of the Milwaukee LGBT Community Center, "I think it sends a very strong message about Milwaukee and what we value here."

Conversion therapy is the practice of trying to change someone's sexual orientation. Gregory, along with other supporters at the meeting said there is no scientific proof the therapy works and it can have a negative impact on someone's mental health and well being.

Two alderman obtained in the vote to move the ordinance forward. 8th District Alderman Bob Donovan believes putting the ordinance in effect could be an overreach of government.

"I am just not comfortable intervening in these very sensitive family matters," he said.

State lawmakers introduced a bill last year that would ban conversion therapy but it never got out of committee. 

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