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Glad You Asked: Who quits their job to try to become a pro gamer?

Brown Deer 22-year old Steve Lay is now a professional esports streamer.

"I was working up until September but after that, I quit my job to try for the 2K league."

He has a whole set-up in his family's basement where he streams himself on Twitch playing NBA 2K18 on his XBox One to his 7,000-plus followers. He says he made $300 selling ads on his Twitch stream so far this month.

He's good too. His pro-am team, the Island Gang, is routinely ranked in the top ten worldwide. They finished in the final four of a $250,000 grand prize tournament last year.

He's heard from many of the teams in the new NBA 2K league, including the Bucks, and is now waiting for the try-out mode next month to show what he can do.

"I keep playing. Keep trying to get better." Lay said. "Keep competing against the best players. Then I'll show in February, in the try-out mode, that I'm one of the best."

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