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Glad You Asked: Where do zoo animals go when it is too cold?

What do the warm weather animals at the Milwaukee County Zoo do when it gets so cold out? The answer actually lies underneath the big cat building.

I'm glad you asked.

"Actually our African hoofstock at the zoo which are like zebra, waterbuck, kudu, gazelles."  said Jennifer Diliberti-Shea, the zoo's public relations coordinator. "They actually go into an underground barn areas which are beneath our big cat building."

Diliberti-Shea says it is mostly about animal safety.

"Our keepers are very aware of ice risk." she said. "They don't want them to fall or break a bone or anything like that. They have access to exercise yards and areas where they can get some fresh air. Then they can return to their winter quarters underground which is really a nice layout for them."

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