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Committee votes against health commissioner candidate, decision moves to Milwaukee Common Council

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) – After a vote, the Milwaukee’s Common Council Public Safety and Health Committee is not recommending the appointment of Paul Nannis as interim Health Commissioner.

The committee unanimously recommended Nannis’ nomination be put on file so decision is now moved to the Common Council.

Mayor Tom Barret sent a letter to the Common Council to consider Nannis as the next health commissioner. Nannis previously served as the health commissioner for ten years starting in 1988. At Thursday’s committee meeting, Nannis’ history with the department is what raised concerns.

Members of the committee said Nannis isn’t a fresh set of eyes and that is what the department needs.

“I think this department and this city would benefit immensely from a different direction and some fresh eyes on this whole mess over there,” 8th District Alderman Robert Donovan said.

The city is looking for a health commissioner after Bevan Baker’s resignation after the city learned parents may not have been notified of elevated lead level test results in children.

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