CBS 58 With Marquette in Louisville for the NCAA

John Cuoco reports live


by WDJT Editor

LOUISVILLE-Wednesday was Marquette's first chance to take to the court.

Granted, it was a shoot around but for the team it was a chance to really feel like they were in the NCAA tournament.

"I'm excited," Darius Johnson Odom tells CBS 58, "especially 'cause this is my third time."

Marquette plays BYU on CBS 58 at 1:45 p.m. Thursday

Marquette hopes to start off Thursday's game better than they did in the Big East Tournament, where a slow start sunk the team against a feisty Louisville sqaud.

"I think for us we're going to have to start off strong," Coach Buzz Williams says, "and it starts on the defensive end. We can score whenever we want, but we need stops and to take care of the ball as well."


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