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Wisconsin author recognized for contribution to Marvel universe

In the expansive history of Marvel Comics and its popular foray into theaters John Jackson Miller’s role is not going unnoticed. The author and comic book writer from Wisconsin boasts a run at the helm of Iron Man comics in the early 2000’s and has since authored novels in other beloved fictional universes including Star Wars and Star Trek.

But his time in the world of Tony Stark and his Avengers proved to be significant. Miller’s characters and story elements have been translated to film a number of times, most recently in Marvel Studio’s Ant Man & the Wasp which hit theaters this weekend. It’s the 20th film in the interconnected and ever-popular Marvel Cinematic Universe.

On CBS 58 Sunday Morning, Jacob Kittilstad sat down with Miller for a conversation on the enduring popularity of comic book heroes and the stories they’re part of.

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