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Up, up, and away is the direction you'll go this weekend at Waterford’s Annual Balloonfest

Waterford (CBS 58)--It’ll be hard keeping your feet on the ground this weekend in Waterford. The 8th annual Balloonfest is taking place right now. It kicked off this morning, and CBS58 was there. I, along with photojournalist Jeremy Ferris, was able to ride in a hot air balloon traveling, at times, a thousand feet above the ground over places like Mukwonago and Eagle. Weather conditions made for a smooth flight. The pilot who accompanied our crew says so many variables make for a favorable journey.

Balloonfest itself features different races, balloon glows at night, tethered rides, and plenty of food and entertainment. Of course so much of it depends on the forecast. We have a schedule of all the happenings at this event.  Just click here.

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