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Two cousins celebrate Summerfest with cigars, a tradition they’ve held for years

When an event has been around as long as Summerfest has, fans start to develop unique traditions.

CBS 58 News caught up with two people who go way back with the big gig and they keep coming back for more!

Hehakawanbli Redhail and his cousin Rich Gardipee kicked off their Summerfest with a cigar. It’s a tradition they’ve shared for many years.

They head straight to the cigar tent as soon as the Summerfest gates open.

Their best Summerfest memory was seeing Michael Jackson sing and dance with the Jackson 5 during Summerfest of 1971.

They fondly remember what the Summerfest stage looked like 46 years ago.

“The grounds, I mean it’s really changed. Just not walking through the mud I mean I remember when they put the hay down. They used to put hay down when it got muddy. Now, it’s nice. Times changed,” said Rich Gardipee.

The cousins say they’ll be coming through the gates a few more times this year but they’ll first be enjoying the red hot chili peppers, tonight’s American Family Insurance Amphitheater Headliner.

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