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Special Report: New device could save your life during a fire

Smoke alarms can warn your family to get out when there's a fire. There's also something else that can save your life, a closed door.

One company has a new device that can shut a door when a fire is detected.

In the United States, someone dies in a house fire every 2 hours and 42 minutes.

"if you want to survive a fire in the middle of the night sleep with your door closed," said Chief Marke Stowe with the Beaver Falls Fire Department.

Chief Mark Stowe with the Beaver Falls Fire Department and his firefighters show just how important it is to close a bedroom door.

In a bedroom with the door left open, smoke rushes in and consumes the room. A bedroom with the door closed showed an orange glow from the fire but no smoke as fire raged on one side of the door.

But, what happens when you forget to close the door? A new product called Ceasefire can fix that. It's the brainchild of two retired New York City firefighters. Ceasefire is a hinge that will actually close the door for you if a fire breaks out.

"It will active at 135 degrees and close the door to contain the fire," said Jeff Teta.

For more information about the device, click here

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