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Some construction relief for businesses along S. 27th Street

There's some relief for businesses on the northbound side of S. 27th Street in Oak Creek.  The Wisconsin DOT opened the northbound lanes on the new, reconstructed pavement.  It was great news for a place like Menard's.

"It's been a pretty long summer but we weathered it pretty well," Menard's General Manager Chris Hermansen said.  "We're actually really excited that it's opening up and we know our guests here at the store too. Everybody is really looking forward to having open lanes of traffic to be able to get in and get out of here now in time for the holidays."

The DOT hasn't finished the project but the progress should help with Black Friday shopping.

"Black Friday is usually our biggest day of the year," Hermansen said.  "To have this done in time for us to be able to do what we need to do is really been a blessing for our business now.  I'm sure for everybody else up and down the road here too. It's a big day, needless to say."

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) has completed a major WIS 241 (S.27th Street) project milestone in time for the holiday shopping season. The reconstruction project stretches from south of Drexel Avenue to north of College Avenue, in Milwaukee County.
On Monday, November 16, crews successfully switched traffic to have northbound motorists driving on the newly constructed concrete pavement. 
Access during the holiday season:
•    Most median openings at driveways, taking a left in and a left out, will remain open. 
•    Two lanes of traffic are open in each direction, north of Minnesota Avenue. South of Minnesota Avenue is one lane each way. (Scheduled to open to two lanes in mid-December)
•    From I-94 on Rawson Avenue: Westbound motorists have an option of a turn lane heading north, a turn lane heading south and two lanes going straight. 
•    From I-94 on College Avenue: Westbound motorists will have an option of a turn lane heading north, a turn lane heading south and one lane going straight. (Scheduled for completion the first week of December)

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