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Governor Walker to officially announce his bid for re-election

UPDATE: WISCONSIN (CBS 58) -- Scott Walker's campaign, Friends of Scott Walker, has announced he will officially announce his bid for re-election as Wisconsin's governor on November 5. 

The announcement will take place at Weldall Manufacturing in Waukesha. 

The news comes after Walker's campaign already released images of a new campaign logo and ad. 


WISCONSIN (CBS 58) -- It's no secret Governor Scott Walker is expected to seek a third term and now a new campaign ad has been released. 

The ad, called "More To Be Done" was released online on Wednesday, October 18 by his campaign, Friends of Scott Walker. 

See the ad by clicking here.

On October 11, a photo of a new logo was tweeted by Walker's Twitter account. 

It's a crowded race for state governor. At least 18 democrats have either declared they're running or seriously considering it. Here's a look at the people who have officially entered the race: 

Bob Harlow (D)

Andy Gronik (D)

Mike McCabe (D)

Dana Wachs (D)

Michele Doolan (D)

Tony Evers (D)

Robbie Hoffman (D)

Matt Flynn (D)

Kathleen Vinehout (D)

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