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Mr. and Mrs. Summerfest commemorate the festival with buttons every day

CBS 58 Morning News anchors Whitney Martin, Jessica Tighe and Mike Curkov were at Summerfest when the gates opened for the 50th edition. People were literally running to get a good spot for the bands they wanted to see; some glued to that spot for the next ten hours.

CBS 58 met a couple from the area that call themselves Mr. and Mrs. Summerfest.

Chuck and Cindy Meyer go every day, every year. Chuck said he went to his first Summerfest when he was 15 and now he's 65 so he's been to every single one. And for the last 42 years he's only missed two days of the big gig.

The Meyer's hats are a real history of Summerfest, "It's always a challenge to put the new one on. So, when I put the 50 one on I had to kind of readjust. But then you remember everything from all those years," said Cindy Meyer.  

Chuck makes buttons including a new one for every day. He'll rotate them so that on the final day the Summerfest smile is upside down, into a frown and it says see you in 355 days.

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