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Mequon psychiatrist still practicing after being charged with trying to abduct two children

Is your doctor safe to practice? CBS 58 News learned a Mequon Psychiatrist has a record.

In 2011, the doctor was charged with trying to abduct two children but was found not guilty by reason of insanity.

She underwent court ordered treatment and was eventually cleared by physicians.

Now, she has a valid license to practice in Wisconsin and is working as a psychiatrist. 

"Well, I can't comment on any pending cases, I can say in the judgement of the medical examining board, the patient, the physician was felt safe to practice, presumably. We'll get letters form a treating physicians and we have to rely on that just as we have to rely me saying somebody's vision is 20/20," said Dr. Kenneth Simons, Chairperson of the Wisconsin Medical Examining Board."

There is a state website that allows you to look up your doctors to find out if they have any complaints or violations filed against them. Click here to view.

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