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Man says "dumb criminals" were caught on camera in the act

MILWAUKEE -- The owner of Tico's Parts on 23rd and Greenfield caught criminals in the act on his video camera. He's asking the community to help identify them.

The thieves left the camera rolling as they robbed the store. A man with a goatee and ponytail looks straight into the camera while another covers his face.

Owner James Picado is determined to catch the thieves who got away with $8,000 worth of motors and parts. But Picado has the last laugh, the most valuable item was left behind.

\"How dumb can you be to leave the most important thing.\"

The criminals left the DVR that was recording them after unplugging the wrong thing.

Picado says, \"There is another computer and I think they thought it was a web camera so they unplugged it and the camera just kept on rolling.\"

Ironically Picado put in the camera just to try it out as an experiment. When he left it rolling he caught the thieves in the act.

He says he doesn't care about recovering his stolen things, just to catch what he calls, \"Yup, dumb criminals.\"

The police confirmed they're using the video to try to solve the crime. The men were scrappers stealing copper.


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