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Look familiar? Brookfield car wash resembles new Milwaukee Bucks arena

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- As most know, the Bucks arena is located in downtown Milwaukee. There is, however, a building in Brookfield that's making some drivers do a double take.

There's a car wash that's being renovated and the new design looks a whole lot like the new home for the Milwaukee Bucks.

The people who run the car wash insist that the design similarity is purely coincidental.

"We had about 10 or 12 different renderings that our architect came up with and we actually chose this one because we thought it was the most appealing, the most eye-catching. Our architect said that he got the inspiration from a parking structure in Chicago in the 1960's," said Tyler Leikam, Vice President at Full Service Car Wash.

Tyler Leikam says the customers all notice the similarity and love it. 

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