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Local gun experts say Vegas shooting brings attention to ability to illegally modify weapons

Local gun experts after listening to the shots fired during the Las Vegas rampage, they believe there are signs that illegal weapons were used or gun were illegally modified.

"It sounds inconsistent," Nik Clark of Wisconsin Conceal Carry tells CBS 58 News. 

"The law states only one pull of the trigger can only release for one round. But with today's technology everything from three d printers to parts you buy over the internet can be used to modify a gun to fire automatically."

Authorities quickly recovered ten guns from the shooter's hotel room on the 32nd floor where he took aim at unsuspecting concert goers down below.

Exact details of the firearms and how they were obtained still not being confirmed publicly.

"We won't know for a couple of days," speculates Clark.

"It's important for the people to understand that its illegal to modify a weapon. But, a gun's a very simple weapon and to make that conversion is something that wouldn't be that hard to accomplish."

Clark says stricter gun control could not stop this kind of illegal behavior.

"What people should consider is if we are going to have a conversation about gun control, we miss the opportunity to talk about evil in this world that we can't prevent. I think the sheriff in Las Vegas mentioned this. There are some things that can't be prevented. If we focus on the type of weapon, we won't address the core problem in dealing with these situations. The realization might be, some of these things can't be prevented."

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