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Kenosha County Highways Department working to reopen road closures

The Kenosha County Highways Department is hard at work trying to reopen the roads since heavy rains caused record flooding.

“It's been very hectic but then again we consider the safety of the public more important and so we will be running overtime in order to get the roads open," said Clement Abongwa, Director of Highways and Highway Commission. 

According to the Kenosha County Sheriff's Department, these are the highways still closed as of July 17th: 

  • Highway 50 at the Fox River Bridge (Highway W)
  • Highway W north of Highway F
  • Highway B from Highway F to Highway AH
  • Highway EA from Highway S to Highway L 

In the last couple of days, the department has been able to reopen a few of the highways. 

“County Truck Highway C and County Truck Highway K have been fixed, it's an important corridor for the county because it takes you from the west end to the east end," said Abongwa.

Last week, Highway 50 had three feet of water covering it and since then the water has receded to about four inches. The Kenosha County Highways Department and the Wisconsin Department of Transportation are working together to reopen Highway 50.

"We are hoping by Wednesday the water will recede to a safe level," said Abongwa. 

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