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"It's heartbreaking:" HAWS takes in 10 South Korean dogs, over a dozen more from high kill California shelter

WAUKESHA COUNTY, Wis. (CBS 58) -- In addition to the 10 South Korean dogs, Haws also took in 15-20 dogs from a high kill shelter in California. Inside HAWS, many of them are still getting baths, getting food, and possibly for the first time, love and care.

Winnie had traveled dozens of hours, rescued from a meat farm in South Korea.

"This farm had a large percentage of not just common meat dogs, they had everything from golden retrievers to other dogs. It's heartbreaking," said HAWS Executive Director, Lynn Olenik.

The farm Winnie lived on was the 10th to be closed down by The Humane Society of the United States and the 2nd group of dogs to be taken to HAWS.

"Dogs from South Korea we worked with before, they're closing down the meat farms, the culture is changing," said Olenik.

This is also possible the first time Winnie has ever been touched, embraced, and cared for.

HAWS says the dogs came from deplorable conditions, with little care, until they're slaughtered.

"When they're coming on a plane, volunteers will be coming all week to give baths."

Next on the list, plenty of food and attention!

First thing tomorrow, HAWS will start working with them, assessing each dog for their adoptability.

Check the haws website to see which ones will be ready for a forever home by clicking here

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