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Hundreds ticketed in Milwaukee Co. as Troopers, Deputies team up to crack down on speeding

If you're driving on a Milwaukee County freeway in the near future, don't be surprised to see State Troopers running speed patrol.

It's part of a new effort to crack down on reckless driving, a focal point for acting Milwaukee County Sheriff Richard Schmidt.

 "We're doing random, high-saturation patrols," he says. "We're going to random areas and hammering down on people that are driving recklessly."

Beginning Thursday morning, Troopers and Deputies began teaming up in teams of 4 or more, targeting speeders and drunk drivers.

Schmidt says the numbers back-up the need for more speed enforcement in the county.

In the past 7 days, his department has handed out 169 speeding tickets.

  • 16-19 mph over the speed limit: 98 tickets issued
  • 20-24 mph over the speed limit: 48 tickets issued
  • 25-30 mph over the speed limit: 9 tickets issued
  • 31-35 mph over the speed limit: 2 tickets issued
  • 36-40 mph over the speed limit: 3 tickets issued

Schmidt called the speeds they saw "outrageous." 

Schmidt says the tickets ranged from $200-$600, but says the enforcement isn't about the money.

"This isn't about generating revenue, this is about slowing down reckless driving," he said.

Schmidt says the additional patrol is not costing the department any overtime, and is being funded by state grants. 

Schmidt says there is no timeline for the saturation. 

He says all 158 miles of Milwaukee Co. freeway will be targeted. 

"We could show up anywhere," he warned.

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