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Governor Walker rolls out plan to spend $20 million preparing students for Foxconn jobs

Governor Scott Walker responded Wednesday to Democrats claiming Foxconn will cost the state 50 percent more than advertised. He also rolled out a plan to prepare Wisconsin students for Foxconn jobs.

The Governor toured MATC and laid out his plan to spend $20 million preparing Wisconsin students from middle school to college for careers at Foxconn and other companies. Walker says that money will go toward things like dual enrollment in high school and college and scholarships to train students in specific skills for companies like Foxconn.

Walker also responded claims that Wisconsin will pay $4.5 billion dollars for Foxconn.

Walker says Wisconsin was not misled with the advertised $3 billion incentive deal and there are always additional costs with big projects. He used the new Bucks arena as an example, “Are there costs the city, and the Wisconsin Center District and the county and others involved with, absolutely. Those are all things that are laid out. So it's funny how nobody says there's more in the arena because a lot of Democrats voted for the arena because it wasn't an election year."

Walker continued to talk about the election year and called it a wake-up call that Republicans lost a traditionally Republican state senate seat in a special election Tuesday.

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