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Governor Scott Walker proposed healthcare stability plan to stabilize premiums for those under Obamacare

WAUKESHA (CBS 58) -- Governor Scott Walker announced the healthcare stability plan on Sunday that would stabilize premiums for people under Obamacare in Wisconsin. 

"This is not a Democrat issue or Republican issue, it's a Wisconsin issue. We've created a unique Wisconsin way to do deal with that," said Walker. 

Under this plan, Walker wants to lower premiums for people in the individual market. He wants to provide health coverage for people with preexisting conditions and make SeniorCare prescription drug program permanent. 

"Someone suffering from cancer or some other serious doesn't have to worry about access. In the state of Wisconsin preexisting conditions will be covered and that will provide peace of mind and stability for people throughout the market place," said Walker.

But some democrats argue the governor has flip-flipped on this issue. 

"He opposed protections for people with preexisting conditions as recently as last year.  Now he's saying he's for protections," said Daniel Riemer, (D) State Representative 7th district. 

Walker estimates this plan would cost $200 million, 75 percent of the money would come from the federal government. 

Some democrats say the are concerned about pieces of the plan. 

"The ideas behind these proposals are good. Democrats have been talking about them for a long time. Part of me is glad to see the governor now but part of me wishes talked about it since he became our governor in 2011," said Riemer. 

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