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Gilbert Brown's football camp kicks off at North Division High School

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Former Packer Gilbert Brown's annual football camp started Tuesday at North Division High School. 

The camp, which is in its 13th year, is free in the central city and it attracts kids who might not have much else to do in the summer. 

Brown says he's trying to teach life skills along with football. CBS 58 also asked Brown about head injuries and their impact on the game he played. His take was a little different. 

"Most of the time you get more concussions in practice than you do in games. Y'know, if you're not teaching the kids right. Gotta teach 'em the proper way to tackle. You gotta practice smart. You gotta practice how to practice and then apply it to the game," Brown said. 

Brown's camp continues through Thursday. 

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