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Foxconn tried to build factory in Pennsylvania but did not follow-up on plans

Foxconn has tried to build in the United States before and nothing happened.

In 2013, the company planned on investing $30 million to build a high-tech factory in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

This would have created 500 jobs but Foxconn never followed up with its plans.

According to Luz Sosa, an adjunct economic professor at MATC, Foxconn has made commitments to other countries like Vietnam, Brazil and India but those promises fell short.

For example, the company signed a letter of intent to invest up to $1 billion in Indonesia but nothing came of it.

“No jobs were created no plant was built so it is very very concerning. Like I said they did it in India, they did in China, they did it in other countries too. That is something we have to pay attention to before us tax payers make that commitment," said Sosa. 

Sosa said the U.S. should be cautious before making a $3 billion investment.

“That is a lot of money tax payers are going to be spending so they really have to make sure or we have to make sure that the jobs are really created and that they are highly paying jobs,” said Sosa.

Governor Walker has promised Foxconn will not receive the credits unless it meets hiring and wage requirements.

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