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Deadline to enroll for insurance under Affordable Care Act is quickly approaching

You only have two more weeks, until the December 15th, to shop for insurance under through  HealthCare.gov.

There has been some confusion with the recent election. But,  the Affordable Care Act is still law. So, insurers are required to offer discounts; in fact, subsidies may be even higher this year.

"We've assisted 150 individuals since enrollment began November 1st," says Jenni Sevenich, CEO of Progressive Community Health Centers. "And from what I hear this morning, enrollment is up 30% percent from last year at this time."

The announcement and reminder of the imposing deadline made at  the Lisbon Avenue Health Center Monday morning.

It is one of several clinics run by Progressive Community Health Centers in the city of Milwaukee.

This is the 5th year the health group has provided free assistance to the public, not just patients.

Sevenich says so far, folks have found better coverage at lower prices.

This enrollment period ends December 15th. 

For more information call (414) 935-8000.

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