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City leaders meet with local businesses to get support for "Blueprint for Peace"

Milwaukee city leaders are hoping to stop the violence in Milwaukee through a plan called "Blueprint for Peace."

On Monday, these leaders met with those in the business community to get more support. 

"We have a police department that is soaking up everything that we are collecting in property taxes and we are going to need some philanthropic help to be able to implement some of these strategies," said Ashanti Hamilton, Common Council President. 

The plan targets ten Milwaukee neighborhoods with the highest crimes. 

With the help of community partners and donations, they hope to stop crimes from happening. In Spring, they plan on implementing CeaseFire Milwaukee in Alderman Hamilton's district. This would center on going into neighborhoods, building relationships and intervening in situations to prevent crime.

Organizers are hoping to raise $280,000 to implement strategies in another neighborhood. 

"This is intended to be a community driven effort to stop violence in the community, said Mayor Tom Barrett. 

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