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Carve out some time to see the snow sculpting competition in Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva (CBS 58)--Make sure to carve out some time this weekend to see the annual U.S. National Snow Sculpting Competition in Lake Geneva.  15 different teams from all over are putting a hundred hours of work into perfecting their snowy creation.  The state of Wisconsin is represented twice in the event. They all start with 8-foot wide by 9-foot tall blocks of snow. The work stops at 11 am on Saturday and then the voting begins.  There's even a People's Choice Award.

Beside the sculpting, there's plenty of entertainment, including helicopter rides and a chili cookoff.  For more about the competition and overall Winterfest activities, just click here.

While you’re in Lake Geneva, you might notice one sculpture in particular is getting a lot of buzz. It’s called “Peep.”  It reveals a liking of President Trump’s face with his signature hair and a twisted face.  A team from Minnesota came up with this piece. Organizers insist they remain neutral politically, and the views of the artists don't represent the event or its sponsors.

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