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Brewers Billboard Sparks Concern For Some Drivers

You may have spotted a Miller Park billboard along I-94 ahead of Opening Day.

It was meant to spark some excitement for baseball fans -- but it's doing a little more than that. 

"There were a few calls made when the "people"  went up there," said Tyler Barnes, VP of Communications for the Brewers.

The 3-D billboard features two groundskeepers who appear to be pushing back a tarp. They move a little bit each week leading up to Opening Day.

"They're not real people," Barnes said. "Some folks thought that actual people were in some peril up there. We did get a couple of calls on that so that was a little bit of fun. No one was ever in peril."

The billboard has been up for about four weeks and has moved three times. It will move once more before Opening Day -- though the Brewers won't reveal exactly when or how that will happen. 

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