Tuesday, July 22, 2014

West Allis PD releases audio of Zelich interrogations
Steven Zelich had been investigated multiple times while he was an officer for the West Allis Police Department.

Hottest day of the year brings struggle to stay cool
When the heat index reaches 85 degrees, YMCA summer camps move inside

More than 125,000 people in Wisconsin now wait and see as Obamcare case plays out
There were two appeals court rulings issued today on challenges to the Affordable Care Act. One that went the President's way, and another that didn't.

Funeral for 10 year old gunshot victim Sierra Guyton
wounded at playground at 28th and Clarke

City of Milwaukee passes minimum wage ordinance
The Milwaukee Common Council passed a minimum hourly wage ordinance raising the minimum wage for all city employees to $10.10 an hour.

Justice Department suspends most poll watching
For the first time in decades, voters in Georgia are going to the polls Tuesday without the chance of having Justice Department observers inside their polling places.

AUDIO: Police interview Zelich after prostitute incident (5-13-01)
Former West Allis Police Officer Steven Zelich was investigated in 2001 after a prostitute ran out of his apartment half nude.

AUDIO: Steven Zelich interview (Abuse of power incident 7-17-01)
Shots fired in northbound lanes of I-43 near Good Hope Rd.
The Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office confirms a gun battle that started around noon ended on I-43 near Good Hope Rd.

Community shows support for Guyton family at funeral
Many on Milwaukee's north side is in mourning after the loss of 10-year-old Sierra Guyton