Young Wisconsin hunters show off their harvest after law change

NOW: Young Wisconsin hunters show off their harvest after law change


This weekend was a first for many young deer hunters.

Governor Walker signed the law just a week before the season opener, making Wisconsin the 35th state to have no age limit for hunters.

"Hold on buddy," whispers Joe Krantz and he and his 6-year-old son Reece have their sights on a buck.

"Alright, you got it," said Krantz.

Reece pulls the trigger and the button buck drops to the ground.

"He's been on four successful whitetail hunts and turkey hunts," said Krantz.

Reece says he's asked his dad many times, "Is it my turn yet?"

This year, Krantz was able to answer, "yes."

The new Wisconsin law now allows kids of any age to hunt, as long as an adult is in arm's reach.

Krantz says there was a lot of safety involved. He taught Reece the four main firearm safety rules, they had a shooting chair and ear protection. He also helped Reece set up and told him when it was safe to pull the trigger.

Krantz captured the whole hunt on camera.

"In that moment I felt 100 percent confident in his safety and well-being," said Krantz. "Watching it back I'm speechless almost every time I watch the video. it brings a tear to my eye and makes my heart hurt."

9-year-old Ridge Tibbett got to hunt a year earlier than expected because of the new law.

"We saw a doe walk by. My dad said get your gun out there might be a buck behind it," said Tibbett.

Tibbett thanks his dad for helping take down the buck, and his grandpa for planting soybeans. He says the 10-pointer he shot had beans in his stomach.

"I got my gun up and ready, and then he walked out and I shot."

6-year-old Lexi Harris from Medford, Wisconsin also got her first buck. She and her dad let a handful of deer pass by until one came to a distance she felt comfortable shooting at.

The Wisconsin DNR posted Lexi's harvest on Twitter.

Her dad says they plan on making Lexi's favorite -- venison sausage. 

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