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Wisconsin's Gov. Evers says state is open to refugees

MADISON, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers says his state will continue to welcome refugees.

Evers' announcement Wednesday made him the latest governor to say so since President Donald Trump gave states and counties the power to reject refugees.

Evers said Wisconsin has "a rich history of opening its doors" to people of all backgrounds."

He criticized the Trump administration for throwing up roadblocks.

Despite his declaration, Wisconsin counties could still vote to refuse refugees, though there's no indication any are considering it.

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Keith 158 days ago

rdochdghd 161 days ago
What is wrong with our politicians?
We have so many people here in our state that need help but now our politicians want to help ILLEGAL immigrants. The definition of " Illegal" - Forbidden By Law. By bringing in these illegals will mean more money will be needed to fund these programs. Were do think this money will come from? The source of these monies will come from our state taxes and if not the federal taxes. Either way you look at it we will pay!
Lets start taking care of our legal people in state.
HJPad 162 days ago
Of all the things this joke of a governor could waste our increasingly extorted hard-earned tax dollars on, sheltering illegal immigrants is the last idiocy Evers should be entertaining. How about using those funds to help house Wisconsin's homeless veteran poulation, or to create more programs to help our most underprivileged communities (you know, the ones in the counties that had his highest voter support percentages!)?
EileenHehlingOstrowsky 162 days ago
Please stay string, Gov Evers.
I think you mean strong.
Come on think about this. If you want contribute to help fund Illegal people then go a head and donate to the cause. But don't saddle the rest of the people who don't agree. Maybe a state poll should be taken to see what the people of the state of Wisconsin feel or want. After all, we are going to pay one way or another.
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