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Wisconsin Tavern League calls for opening bars by May 1

NOW: Wisconsin Tavern League calls for opening bars by May 1


MADISON, Wis. (AP) — The Tavern League of Wisconsin is calling on Gov. Tony Evers to allow bars and restaurants to reopen on May 1, more than three weeks ahead of the end of the current stay-at-home order that has forced the closure of most nonessential businesses.

The lobbying group argued in a statement late Sunday that bars, restaurants and supper clubs could reopen by implementing a variety of safety measures to protect against the spread of COVID-19.

“There are a lot of businesses that are up and running right now," Tavern League Director Pete Madland said of businesses like hardware and grocery stores. "They’re doing it in what the public evidently perceives in a fair way.”

The Tavern League released a series of rules for their proposed partial reopening:

·        All employees required to wear masks and gloves
·        Practice social distancing of 6 feet 
·        All tables 6 feet apart
·        No tables of more than 6 people
·        Reduce on premise capacity by 50%
·        Outdoor eating and drinking with 6 feet distancing permitted
·        No salad bars or self-serve buffets
·        Eliminate paper menus
·        Eliminate all table condiments

“It’s not a permanent solution," Madland said. "It’s a stopgap solution to get our businesses open before May 26."

Other businesses, like Belair Cantina, say they have been able to stay afloat by transitioning to all pickup and delivery, but it wasn't easy.

“You have to be on point at all times," Belair Director of Operations Matt Roman Lopez said. "And really be changing rapidly for whatever new guidance that’s given.”

The governor is facing increasing pressure from businesses and Republican lawmakers to reduce the time of the stay-at-home-order which he extended last week from April 24 to May 26. The Tavern League says they hope to talk to lawmakers and the governor about their plan in the coming days.

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mary 37 days ago


The problem is you can NOT guarantee a "margin-of-error" that will NOT Spike the POSITIVE CASES OF COVID-19.
Additionally, your suggestion of "SPACING" is NOT realistic with the majority of tavern owners - especially neighborhood Sportz bars and taverns that are NOT members of WTL.

How does WTL decrease "herding" withOUT Coronavirus face, hands, and facilities sanitizing with authorized regularity? There are no rules and regulations established.

What are the surveys presented to tavern owners of Wisconsin - Milwaukee County, that represents the neighborhood taverns as well as middle and large liquor serving establishments that pay into the state and city licensing for being operational?

Who will wear masks?
What will ensure that doors, furniture, bathrooms, and other facilities are sanitized regularly during business hours?
Are additional staff members brought on board and paid extra to ensure extra safety measures?

MPA-LLC recommends "EQUITY INCLUSION" that represents outreach to ALL taverns for authorization of compliance to protect the public health of ALL - take the time added by Tony Evers Governor to get MORE "prepared". Also, stop whining. We are all at a disadvantage. However, we are MINDFUL that we are not ready to OPEN. How do we know each staffer has been tested and is NOT A carrier?

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — The Tavern League of Wisconsin is calling on Gov. Tony Evers to allow bars and restaurants to reopen on May 1, more than three weeks ahead of the end of the current stay-at-home or
CaddyVista1980 37 days ago
Oh course I have noticed my drunk neighbors who are stuck together, should really think about separating, I have never seen or heard anything like it before in my life.
CaddyVista1980 37 days ago
Ok, what’s the point? with all those restrictions? Better off 6 ft apart at a campfire with family & friends drinking for much cheaper. Count me out too. Let them open and see what a waste it is right now. People are still dying. It is not safe enough yet. Sorry the truth hurts.
Bassgeye CaddyVista1980 37 days ago
If you don't feel safe don't go. Stay home and hide. Some of us have already had it and are free to go out.
Rommel Bassgeye 37 days ago
Azzguy still whining like a girlieman.
Chuck 37 days ago
Mr. Evers, please know that the majority of your fellow citizens support the plan of sheltering in place until we have a stronger handle on this viscous disease that is rippling thru our population and taking valuable assets (Loved ones lives). These people are not just numbers on a dang scorecard. They are victims of a virus with no prevention and no cure. There are those walking among us carrying the disease and spreading it without even knowing it. Only 30 to 35 percent of the people support opening things up without a plan. You're leadership is in great need and demand. Maintain your course and protect those who cannot protect themselves. Those who are losing money and face other tribulations will have the opportunity to regain their status once this has passed. The dead will not ever get that chance if we act to quickly. No family should have to bury a loved one because someone wants to sell or buy a dang beer.
James 37 days ago
As a life long lush and self proclaimed conisoiur of all things alcohol, you can count me out. I'm not saying nobody would be there, but cmon...is it really worth endangering yourself as a bar owner or your staff for 25% of the normal daily sales?
Lawrence James 37 days ago
I'm with you, buddy. The TL motivation looks more political than medical to me. And these well organized protest rallies were definitely ran from the top by political action groups
You can't fix stupid. And the Tavern League is really stupid. When customers get sick and die -- what will they say????
Lawrence 37 days ago
"Not quite enough people have died. If more people were dying slow, painful COVID-19 deaths, we could change our minds".
This is exactly the rationale they want you to swallow.
Pun intended.
Bassgeye Lawrence 37 days ago
I suppose you prefer people starving to death as their businesses dry up and blow away along with their life savings and investment. A HANDFUL of old and infirm (210 out of 6 MILLION) have died and we have shut down at what cost? There are treatments that are not being used that would prevent these deaths. USE THEM and OPEN UP!
Rommel Bassgeye 37 days ago
Well azzguy...you can always eat carp.
Bassgeye Rommel 37 days ago
Grow up
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