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Wisconsin reports largest 1-day increase of COVID-19 cases

MILWAUKEE (AP) — Wisconsin health officials report that 331 tests for the coronavirus have come back positive in the last 24 hours, the largest single-day rise since the outbreak started.

An additional four people have died.

The update raises the total number of positive cases to 5,687 and the statewide deaths to 266. State Department of Health Services data shows that 24 percent of infected people have been hospitalized.

The actual number of infections is thought to be far higher because many people have not been tested, and studies suggest people can be infected with the virus without feeling sick.

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Brandy 34 days ago
The entire testing situation is so faulty, it's pretty much not even looking at the numbers. They are so far erroneous, it is not far from futile. 67,000 people have been tested now I think? There are 5.822 Million residents in WI. That is over 5.7 Million to go. By the time they do, the number of positives will have increased exponentially. It is still difficult to qualify by symptoms to get a test, and by stats, over 25% of people positive never get symptoms, so they would not be tested. 30% of all negatives turn out to be false negatives. That means for every 1,000 people that are told they are negative, 300 of them actually are. Many people die of strokes, heart attacks, and asthmatics etc who die from acute repiratory failure, it is actually due to covid-19 without other symptoms. They do not test those people after they die.
Terry 36 days ago
From wbay news 2 they reported the important dsta. it looks like we are flat or going down . Positive results as a percentage of COVID-19 tests:
Monday: 10.68% (up 0.93)
Tuesday: 8.9% (down 1.77)
Wednesday: 11.93% (up 3.03)
Thursday: 9.58% (down 2.35)
Friday: 8.89% (down 0.69)
RussStDenis 36 days ago
How many more tests are being administered each day vs the prior day? If we are testing more people the number will go up, but what is the actual percentage of new cases to the amount tested, is the real number we need.
Randy RussStDenis 36 days ago
Mumbo Jumbo. You are kidding yourself 342 new cases overnight, thats the just of it. 342 new cases. That is what matters not some load of crap.
AM5150 Randy 33 days ago
Just because you're not intelligent enough to understand statistics, Randy, doesn't mean Russ isn't right. He is. Your TDS is showing.
Scott 36 days ago
my question is where were these results from> what was the test population, and when were the tests administered? were they from prison population? were the test being reported all take the same day? Many of the tests take several days for results, I would assume positive results may show up prior to negative results may, causing a skewed number
Fred 36 days ago
I agree with Jen and the bassguy that everything should be reported, but in this both are incorrect in the percentage of testing results going down, we did have 2 straight days of declining percentage but today it is up above 10% again. See

Jen 36 days ago
Why don't you report all the facts? The number being tested has increased substantially as well. The more people that are being tested, there will be an increase in positive results. Percentage wise we are continuing on a trend of declining positive results and hospitalizations. Your fear mongering is not needed in this situation. Your garbage reporting never fails to amaze me
Kevin Jen 36 days ago
CBS News 58 reports the actual raw numbers on its coronavirus page. The number of Positives and the number of Negatives. Just do some simple math and see that the number of positives have increased as has the number of tested. The percentage of positives to those tested has remained pretty much between 10-15% but has fluctuated slightly - some decreases and some increases. Maybe just look at the data and decide what that means for yourself.
JeneiceRainey 36 days ago
Lord it'll get worse b4 better... 🙏 wear gloves and wear a mask.
Bassgeye JeneiceRainey 36 days ago
Don't forget to hide under your bed!
Rommel Bassgeye 36 days ago
She can't...you're under it.
Lawrence 36 days ago
Where are all the Covid-Deniers now?
And how many who gathered to protest are sick now?
Bassgeye Lawrence 36 days ago
What did you expect when they increased testing? As a percentage of tests performed WE ARE DROPPING! We have had a PITIFUL number of tests before and MANY who had it were turned away and not tested! Now that Evers wants to keep us afraid and shut down he increases testing and the number falsely rises!
Kevin Bassgeye 36 days ago
More BS from BS guy ... 1."Evers increases testing" ?? Everyone was calling for more testing from the president to all of the governors - to get an idea of who has or has had the virus. Even Dumb and Dumber Voss and Fitzgerald seem to be BLAMING the governor that not enough testing is being done. 2. "Evers wants to keep the shutdown" ?? Laughable and ridiculous. Evers has said repeatedly he wants to allow re-opening in a safe manner and more testing is part of the info needed to do so. and 3. "the number falsely rises" ?? More lies. The number being tested is going up and yes therefore the number of positives is going up. The PERCENTAGE of people who test positive (compared to those tested) is pretty consistent and has fluctuated - which makes sense. More positives is not a FALSE rise - it is the product of more testing, which everyone said needs to be done to see how much it has spread and how quickly it is spreading or being contained. CONTAINED, mind you, by a Safer At Home Order.
Randy Bassgeye 36 days ago
You are just bullshitting yourself man, the tested per ratio load of shit. People protested, relaxed and we have had the largest one day surge to date. 342 new cases overnight that is the reality, 342 new cases, get it man? All you care about is yourself and what you want. Well, maybe soon you will get a dose of what you dont want.
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