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Wisconsin businesses urge legislators to OK reopening plan

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Wisconsin's chamber of commerce is urging legislators to adopt its business reopening plan.

Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce Executive Vice President Scott Manley says Gov. Tony Evers' stay-at-home order is crushing the economy and that the coronavirus appears under control in the state.

Manley addressed the Assembly's Republican-controlled state affairs committee during a video conference Thursday.

WMC's plan would allow all businesses to reopen but assign them risk factors and order them to take precautions ranging from social distancing to protective gear for workers.

Committee Democrats complained that no laborers or health officials were invited to speak.

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Kevin 33 days ago
coronavirus appears to be "under control" because of the same stay-at-home measures that they want ended ... I agree we want to re-open businesses but let's be smart and use data and expert views from medical experts and scientists. If we move too quickly and have a resurgence of cases and spread - then the economy WILL be destroyed.
NancyJ Kevin 33 days ago
The WHO just praised Sweden as “the model” for the COVID-19 response. Sweden did not lock down. So which experts, specifically, should we be listening to?
Kevin NancyJ 33 days ago
the same WHO that our president stopped funding and called corrupt?? Plus your reference to Sweden as a comparison makes no sense -- different societies and cultures ... less travel and fewer high densely populated cities and many more reasons -- do u think the spread in the US has slowed because of social distancing and staying at home -- or just luck?
Kevin NancyJ 33 days ago
lockdown? or stay at home guidelines? who exactly is LOCKED down? Please research what Sweden DID do. No gatherings of more than 50 people. And MOST of its citizens are adhering to social distancing recommendations. Also - they have universal health care for its citizens I'm sure your all for that right?
Jules 33 days ago
Evers needs to be impeached he doesn't care about Wisconsin
Rommel Jules 32 days ago
Impeached...…. on what grounds,that he didn't cave in to the WMC idiotic plan to kill more people.
Kevin Rommel 31 days ago
dont bother responding to Jules she has got to be a phantom account by Russian operatives
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