Wisconsin Assembly to vote on free tuition for foster kids

MADISON, Wis. (AP) -- The Wisconsin Assembly is set to pass a bill that would waive tuition and fees for foster children attending University of Wisconsin schools and state technical colleges.

The measure up for a vote Tuesday has broad, bipartisan support.

Twenty-eight other states already offer some form of post-secondary tuition assistance for foster children.

The bill calls for eliminating tuition and fees at UW schools and state technical colleges for state residents who meet certain criteria, including having spent at least a year in out-of-home placement after turning 13 or being in out-of-home-placement on their 18th birthday.

People who qualify would be eligible for free tuition and fees for 12 semesters or until they get a degree or reach age 25.

The UW System says as many as 4,600 people could qualify.

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