White House records obtained so far by January 6 committee show no record of calls to and from Trump during riot

By Ryan Nobles, Zachary Cohen, Annie Grayer and Jamie Gangel, CNN

    (CNN) -- White House call records now in possession of congressional investigators do not reflect calls made to or from then-President Donald Trump as the violence unfolded on Capitol Hill on January 6, 2021, leaving them with gaps so far in their understanding of what transpired that day, three sources familiar with the House investigation into the insurrection tell CNN.

The records the House select committee has obtained do not contain entries of phone calls between the president and lawmakers that have been widely reported in the press. Trump was known to make calls using personal cell phones, which could account for those.

Two of the sources, who have also reviewed the presidential diary from January 6, 2021, say it contains scant information and no record of phone calls for several hours after Trump returned to the Oval Office after giving speech to his supporters at the Ellipse until he emerged to address the nation in a video from the Rose Garden.

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