University of Wisconsin fraternity suspended for hazing

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — A fraternity at the University of Wisconsin has been suspended after younger members were allegedly pressured to run errands, wear "Dora the Explorer" backpacks and carry fruit around campus.

The university says in a release that the student-led Committee on Student Organizations determined the conduct by Alpha Sigma Phi violated the Student Organization Code of Conduct by engaging in hazing of new members in fall 2018. The committee found members were pressured to run errands for older members.  The fraternity will be suspended from all university activities through March 24 and will remain on probation until Dec. 11.

The suspension means that the chapter is barred from holding events and activities and from operating with the rights and privileges of a Registered Student Organization. Following the suspension, the organization will remain on general probation until Dec. 11.

The chapter has the right to appeal the decision to the Division of Student Life.

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