Biden, Sanders lead Trump in new MU Law Poll

NOW: Biden, Sanders lead Trump in new MU Law Poll

MILWAUKEE (AP) -- President Donald Trump's support in Wisconsin shows little signs of change in the latest Marquette University Law School poll.

He trailed Joe Biden 49%-45% and Bernie Sanders 47%-46%. The survey released Wednesday shows more respondents are against convicting and removing him from office than those who want to see him ousted after the House voted to impeach.

Poll Director Charles Franklin responded to criticism from Trump at a Tuesday rally in Milwaukee, that the poll incorrectly predicted Hillary Clinton would win the election in 2016.

“It showed the governor’s race dead tied this year, and we showed Baldwin winning by 11, which she won by 10.9, Franklin said. "So it shows that the polls were systematically wrong in 2016, but they performed quite well, not just mine, but all polling did pretty well in 2018.”

Biden is the top choice for the nominee among Democratic voters polled, taking 23%. He’s followed by Bernie Sanders at 19%, Pete Buttigieg at 15%, and Elizabeth Warren at 14%.

But 65% of democrats are still open to changing their pick, which Franklin says is a little unusual.

“We have seen a bit higher undecided rate or at least, least could change their mind, and less fixity of support for a candidate.”

The first poll of the 2020 election year shows voters are nearly evenly divided over whether Trump is doing a good job or not.

The president continues to get high marks from voters in his handling of the economy.

The poll of 800 registered voters had a 4.2 percentage point margin of error.

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