This newlywed couple delivered flower arrangements from their wedding to those in need of a smile

Not available By Marika Gerken, CNN

(CNN) -- After tying the knot on September 19, Hannah and Chance Buckner found their hearts full of love -- and their garage full of flower arrangements.

Instead of giving the flowers to their guests, which is common -- and perfectly fine -- the newlyweds decided to spread some much-needed love and positivity in their community of San Angelo, Texas, by hand delivering the bouquets to those who could use a reason to smile.

Buckner took to social media for help with distribution.

"We just got married and would like to give away our wedding flowers," she posted in her community page. "If you know anyone who is lonely or needing a lift in their spirits, even if it's an elderly person on your street you've seen but never talked to please message me their address and we will deliver an arrangement to them with an encouraging note. Help us spread the love!"

Within hours her inbox was flooded with messages from people sharing stories of friends and family who have been struggling with loneliness, illness and loss during the pandemic.

So Buckner -- who works 12 hour shifts as an emergency room nurse -- spent her day off driving to 20 different places in San Angelo with her new husband. They stopped at residences around the neighborhood, nursing homes and grave sites delivering flowers, smiles and handwritten notes.

"People were so confused when we showed up with flowers. I tried not to take all the credit and just told them that their friend thought they could use a bouquet of flowers today," Buckner said. "After that came a lot of happy tears and smiles."

Buckner said with all the negativity going on in the world right now, she felt the need to spread some joy and happiness.

"We will have memories from these people for the rest of our lives," she said. "It was really special."

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