This food company will pay you $10K to be its Chief Taco Officer

By Zoe Sottile, CNN

    (CNN) -- Feeling hungry for a new job?

Favor, a Texas-based food delivery company, is looking for a voracious eater to sample tacos all over the state as their first-ever "Chief Taco Officer." The lucky employee will receive $10,000 in exchange for taste-testing tacos and documenting the experience on social media during June and July, according to the job listing.

The Chief Taco Officer will drive across Texas, staying in each city for two days and eating tacos delivered by Favor for at least two meals, so you can have tacos for breakfast and dinner. The winning candidate will receive free food, accommodation, and transportation along their journey and free delivery from the company for a year.

Interested eaters can create a video application and submit a short form on Favor's website before May 12.

"Tacos are one of the top favored foods across all of the cities we serve throughout Texas," said Jag Bath, Favor's CEO, in a statement shared with CNN.

"The history and culture behind one of the most iconic foods in the Lone Star State vary from city to city, and we're excited for our new Chief Taco Officer to discover some of the best and most authentic tacos out there."

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