Students destroy school property for millions of TikTok likes

Originally Published: 15 SEP 21 09:48 ET

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    FULTON COUNTY, Georgia (WGCL) -- A TikTok challenge has made its way into the hands of students in Fulton County, leaving one student suspended from class at a local school.

Students are stealing from their own school and getting millions of likes on TikTok for pulling it off on camera.

Riverwood High School faculty members are now having to escort students to the bathroom because of the the TikTok challenge.

“The videos are going viral of kids taking stuff everywhere. Kids are taking projectors, doors, just everything from their schools,” Riverwood High School student, Max Orston said. It’s all part of the latest TikTok challenge on social media called the “devious lick challenge.”

“Someone tried to unbolt a urinal from the bathroom.”

It appears nothing is too big or too small to take home and students can even score some likes if they just spot the damage and film it.

“I personally saw some kid walk out with a bathroom stall bar.’’

Riverwood High School parents said it won’t just cost the school money to repair damages, it could also cost students their academic future.

Pictures shared with CBS46 show a broken bathroom sink at Riverwood High School.

Parents said the photo was snapped by a student at the school.

According to parents, the student who took the photo was sent straight home for five days on suspension.

The ongoing vandalism even shut down the boys bathroom, but the vandals weren’t caught right away, according to students and parents.

“Probably don’t do it.”

In this latest notice sent to students, the school said they are now halting unsupervised bathroom breaks and trips to the vending machines during passing period to avoid any more damage to school property.

“They are going to find out either way so I wouldn’t try,” Orston said.

The Fulton County School District sent us the following statement in response to the latest incidents on campus.

“We can confirm several instances at both schools of the alleged TikTok challenge involving vandalism of bathroom cleaning supplies. Discipline actions for the students involved will follow the FCS Student Code of Conduct.

The destruction of these supplies during a pandemic negatively impacts critical mitigation efforts; however, these acts may have also inadvertently helped raise awareness of the continued demand to support personal hygiene and the need for handwashing. The District continues to promote these best hygiene practices through efforts like our student actors in a PSA- Wash Your Hands (FCS TV YouTube).”

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