Snickers made a special pecan bar for fall -- but it's already sold out

Mars debuted a Snickers Pecan Bar Wednesday, conjuring up all sorts of chocolate pecan pie vibes. By Leah Asmelash, CNN

(CNN) -- Snickers just got a fall-themed update, just in time for pecan pie season.

Mars, which makes the candy bar, debuted a Snickers Pecan Bar on Wednesday, conjuring up all sorts of chocolate pecan pie vibes. You feel them, too?

This version was available only online, but by Wednesday night it had already sold out.

Chances of buying any more sounded slim. A message on the website said customers could enter their email address to be notified "if we restock."

The bars were being sold as a 15-pack for $30. They're set to begin shipping September 30.

In case you're keeping score, this brings the Snickers variants up to at least six: the classic, the one with almonds, a peanut butter version, another with crispy rice and another with hazelnuts. And now pecan.

And that doesn't even include the creamy versions, filled with varying nut butters. We might have too many Snickers bars, honestly.

The idea for this particular bar came from fans, with the company asking customers what nut they would like to see next. Lo and behold, pecans won, beating out cashews, pistachios and macadamia nuts.

The Snickers Pecan Bar is also one of the only Snickers bars that doesn't include peanuts. Both this and the almond version swap out peanuts, while the others simply add extra ingredients. So if you're allergic to peanuts this might be the candy for you.

The new bar is also partly an ode to Texas, where the company says many of the original bars are produced and where the pecans come from. The box even reads "Texas Proud" on the top and side, along with the phrase. "Fixin' to satisfy." Note the missing 'g.'

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