A school assistant principal helped save man's life on Election Day

By KMOV Staff

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    WENTZVILLE, MO (KMOV) -- An assistant principal at the Wentzville School District just may have saved the life of a voter on Tuesday.

Dr. Matt Kiesel was at Liberty school making sure voters had everything they needed when someone came running saying a man had collapsed outside and was asking if the school had a defibrillator handy. Kiesel then rushed to the nurse's office to grab the AED device.

Meanwhile, an off-duty Lake Saint Louis police officer and his wife, a nurse, performed CPR on the man. Kiesel then arrived with the AED device and shocked the man until he slowly got his pulse back. Paramedics then arrived and the man was once again alert.

Lake Saint Louis resident Kenny Nowling was on scene and saw the whole event unfold.

“Thank you to the Lake Saint Louis police officer, his nurse and angel of a wife and Dr. Kiesel for acting so calmly and methodically and saving this man's life!” Nowling said on social media. “You all are real life SUPER HEROS! What a perfect time for all of us to remember that, regardless of our political affiliations, we are all human beings living in the greatest country in the world.”

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