Retired Ohio sheriff and tiny K-9 partner die the same day

By MARK GILLISPIE Associated Press

CLEVELAND (AP) — A retired Ohio county sheriff from outside Cleveland and his tiny K-9 partner were inseparable. When Dan McClelland retired as Geauga County sheriff in late 2016, his drug-sniffing Chihuahua-rat terrier mix Midge retired as well.

They spent a decade together as partners. Both died Wednesday. The 67-year-old McClelland died after a long battle with cancer and 16-year-old Midge, perhaps, of a broken heart.

McClelland's family says they will be buried together. Midge was certified by Guinness World Records as the smallest police dog on the globe. McClelland spent 44 years with the sheriff's office outside Cleveland, and the last 13 as sheriff.

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