Reba McEntire warns fans after she and her boyfriend contracted breakthrough Covid-19

By Lisa Respers France, CNN

    (CNN) -- Reba McEntire is telling people to continue to mask up and quarantine.

The country superstar and actress shared during a recent Tik Tok livestream that she and her boyfriend, actor Rex Linn, had contracted Covid-19 despite being vaccinated.

"I just want to say one thing. This has been a hard year and it's getting rougher again," she said, towards the end of the livestream. "You guys, please stay safe. Wear your mask. Do what you have to do. Stay home."

McEntire went on to implore her followers to "stay safe, stay healthy" before adding, "It's not fun to get [Covid-19]."

"I did get it, Rex and I got it and it's not fun," she said. "You don't feel good. We were both vaccinated and we still got it, so stay safe, stay home, and be protected the best you can."

Their infections are called "breakthrough cases," which refer to those who have contracted the virus despite being fully vaccinated and have become especially of concern as the Delta variant has caused an increase in infections.

Those who are vaccinated are protected from severe illness and death from Covid-19, according to medical experts. People are being urged to follow Covid protocols including wearing a mask and social distancing.

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