Rapper Killer Mike’s barbershop gives out 160 free haircuts to kids going back to school

By Madeline Montgomery

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    ATLANTA, Georgia (WGCL) -- Fulton and DeKalb Counties kick off their first day of school on Monday and The Swag Shop is making sure their students look fresh for the first day.

The swag shop is a spot you may see musicians or athletes getting their hair buzzed, but Saturday it was kids getting fresh cuts.

“Can’t go to school looking bad,” said 10th grader George Mathis.

The Witherite Law Group and V-103 teamed up with Rapper Killer Mike’s barbershops to get Fulton and DeKalb County kids ready for their first day of school on Monday.

“It’s a self esteem boost. You know, feeling your best, looking your best, showing up your first day of school, making that first impression…it just goes a long way,” said Kimm White, the general manager of The Swag Shop.

With the current inflation rate over ten percent, the groups wanted to make sure parents can afford everything their child needs for school.

“The essentials are really all a lot of people can really afford, so if we can make it a little bit easier on families, just something that they don’t have to worry about, something that kids don’t have to worry about on their first day back to school, I mean, it makes a difference,” said Adewale Odetunde, an attorney with Withrite Law Group.

A difference for almost 200 kids, including Mathis. How’d he feel about his new cut?

“It’s hard.”

High praise from a teenager.

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